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Situations Arise Where Pet Owners Can't Keep their Pets
We Help by Finding Loving Foster Homes & Forever Families

RFSC accepts dogs from owners who can no longer keep them. Space is limited, and our first priorities are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. We take other breeds as space allows.

Owners who wish Retrievers and Friends to find new homes for their dogs are asked to sign a form to release the dog to our care. The dog stays in a foster home until a new home is found.

Many people ask how we select homes for dogs available. The following criteria must be met before an adoption is completed:
  • Each potential family must complete an adoption application.
  • A volunteer will visit the family's home to inspect the yard and fence. The volunteer also verifies the information on the application, and makes sure any pets in the home are well cared-for.
  • Each member of the family must agree to the adoption.
  • The family home must be appropriate to caring for the particular dog, including a secure, fenced yard.
  • The family must agree to allowing their new dog indoors, and make him or her part of the family.
  • As appropriate, the family must be willing to take the dog to obedience training.
  • The family must demonstrate a commitment to their new dog, and be prepared to care for him or her for life. Of course, if for some reason the adoption is not successful, the dog is returned back to RFSC so that we may find him or her another home.
Owners often ask how long it will take before their dog is adopted. The length of time varies with each dog. Older dogs usually take longer to find a home, and we typically have several applications waiting for younger, purebred dogs.

We do not rush to adopt dogs into their new homes; we carefully screen each applicant, and wait until the right home is found to match the needs of the dog. We DO NOT put dogs to sleep or euthanize them simply because it takes longer than planned to find a dog a home. We have on occasion had dogs several months prior to finding a family appropriate for the individual dog.

If you need help finding your dog a home and would like us to consider accepting your dog into our foster care program, please complete the following form and push the "submit" button when finished.

Your Name:

Your Phone Number:

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Your E-mail address:

What breed is your dog?

Is your dog male or female?

Has your dog been spayed or neutered?

How old is your dog?

Where did you get your dog from?

Is your dog house broken?

Has your dog ever been to obedience class?

Has your dog ever bitten or attempted to bite a child or an adult?

Does your dog get along well with other dogs?

Does your dog get along well with cats?

How is your dog with children?

Why do you need to find a home for your dog?

How soon did you want to get your dog into a foster home

Please provide any other comments or information that would be useful in determining if your dog is appropriate for our program:

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Please note -- all fields are required. If you have filled out all fields, you will be taken to another screen after you click the submit button. If you do not see a screen that says Your Request For Help Has Been Received! - please send your information by email to

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