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SHELLEY... from Shelley's Family (August 2010):


We are writing to let you know that our beautiful golden girl Shelley, passed away in our arms a couple of weeks ago -- She was 14 years old. We got her from Retrievers & Friends in June, 2006, when she was 10. At first we were worried she would not get along with our other dog, Cookie (now 11), but they became best friends and went everywhere together side-by-side. For an older dog, Shelley acted like a pup until the past year when she slowed down alot. We had her treated about a year ago for a cancerous tumor on her leg and although it was surgically removed and the cancer in remission for quite some time, the cancer developed where we could not see it, and had spread throughout her lungs before we even knew it. Still, Shelley kept her great attitude and upbeat spirit until her very last day, then went downhill very quickly, and suddenly she was gone. .

She gave us great joy, and although we are so sad to have lost her, we have no regrets at all about adopting an older dog. It must have been hard for Shelley to come to a new family at age 10, and she did seem a little depressed for her first few days with us. But just like the loving and open-minded dog that she was, once she decided to "adopt" us, there was no going back! She was one of those dogs that looked like she was always smiling. We are attaching a recent photo of her, hoping that others will realize the great beauty and joy there is in rescuing an older dog.

God bless you for all the work you continue to do.



CASEY... from Casey's Family:

I adopted a Golden Retriever named Casey from you/BARC back in (I think) 1998 at the Petsmart in Murrieta.  I remember that in the adoption documentation was the instruction that I should update  BARC when Casey's status changed. I called BARC this morning, and the person I spoke with (who's name I do not remember) said that I should contact you.

Casey's license tag identifies her as "BARC Adoption Number 717".

My update is a sad one. She passed away last Friday, September 3 2010. She was 15 years old, and had been in declining health due to her age. She had the best life imaginable at our house. When she was younger, she had someone at home nearly all the time, and always had at least two cans worth of tennis balls to chase and chew. She also had the occasional visiting skunk and opossum to play with as well. When she got older, we made sure she had a comfy bed and lots of chairs to lay in. We went for walks every morning and she always wanted to go a certain way so she could visit her friends. We always had plenty of treats and toys for her, too.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives. She loved and was loved by all who met her.



ABBY... from Abby's Family:

I'm so very sorry and sad to have to tell you that we let Abby go this afternoon. She's been doing so well; she and Cooper became great friends and played tug and bitey face daily. She was fine this morning, ate well and played. But, when we came home she was down and couldn't get up. We rushed her to the vet and he told us she'd had a pretty major stroke. We decided it was time to let her go and be with Maggie again.

We'll miss her more than I can say and want to thank you once more for entrusting this girl to us for the past 12+ years.

This is my very very favorite photo of her ever.



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