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It was with great sadness yesterday, that we said a tearful goodbye to our sweet, gentle, little 'Curly Girl', Bella.  Her life ended peacefully and painlessly at around 4:40 yesterday afternoon, here in her own home, on her favorite pillow, surrounded by her loving family.

Her big brother, Charlie, was waiting at the gate to welcome his sister home, giving her the royal tour of his Doggie Kingdom, as they ran across the rolling hills, he showed her where all the lizards were hiding, so they could chase them together again, introduced her to all the Mikoleit 'kids' that went before her, and once again licked her face and head till she was completely soaked, to let her know how much he had missed her. 

Bella joined our family with her brother Buddy, from Retrievers and Friends, nearly nine years ago this April, and would have been 10 years old in March.   Several weeks ago, she somehow pinched a nerve in her back, which week by painful week, took away her ability to walk or even get up on her own. 

It became evident, after many trips to the vet, and many pain pills, that we could no longer allow her to be in such pain, and she let us finally know yesterday, that it was time for us to let her go. 

We will miss her terribly, but know that we gave her the best and most love-filled life that a dog could have.  We will always smile when thinking of our sweet, loving and happy little Bella, and laugh when remembering the funny little things she did, and at the many happy memories we will hold so dear.   



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