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Memorials - Page 78

In memory of Sweetie

It was 17 years ago while teaching in Fontana that I saw a small white terrier running frantically on our school campus. With the help of a fellow teacherís son we managed to catch her and I took her home. She had been hit by a car but was not seriously hurt. With the help of the staff at the Calimesa Veterinary Clinic, she was fixed up and on her way to the start of a healthy life. Last Friday, Sweetieís little body gave out. Jim and I miss her so very much. We would like to share this poem in her honor. Donít cry mom and dad. Please donít weep. Please try to rest and get some sleep. I know youíre sad because of me. But please donít cry, Iím now pain free. I know you miss me. I miss you too. No one could have loved me more than you. I didnít want to leave but my body lost the fight. I know you mourn me day and night. Iím glad you took me on that day. There was no choice. I would have told you to do it if I had a human voice. But what a life you gave me. It was really the best. Not many have a life like mine and I am truly blessed. I hope one day Iíll see you both again with smiles on your face. But for now Iíll snuggle up inside your heart, my very favorite place.

In memory of Stuart Little

We adopted Stuart in the beginning of 2008. The rescue told us how special he was but we couldnít imagine how much joy he would bring to our lives. He was the most loving, gentle dog with the biggest heart. Everyone who met Stuart fell in love with him. There was just something about him that even random people on the street would pick up would just look into his eyes and feel oddly connected...he was such an old soul. I am so grateful that I got to be his mom for the past 12 years. Although Ken and I are heartbroken, we know he is cuddling with Ruby somewhere on Rainbow Bridge.

In memory of Roscoe

In memory of Jack

The one on the leash is the day that I picked him up at the rescue. It was love at first sight. He was our very sweet loving doggy, and we miss him very much.

In memory of Hunter

We had to say goodbye to our best friend Hunter. As much as this hurts we are so thankful for the time we had together. We met Hunter three months after losing our other Golden. Her name was Halie, but her nickname was the Great Hunter. I believe it was no coincidence that Hunter came into our lives. He healed my broken heart and for that I am forever grateful. I did my best to give him a life full of love and adventure because that is what he always gave us. Forever in my heart he will stay until we meet again. Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost. Walt Whitman

In memory of Cooper

In memory of Charlie

The sweetest dog!

In memory of Buddy

We know Buddy loved us as much as we loved him ❤️.



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