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Family & Friends, It is with deep sadness I share this with you.

While most of you did not know, our precious Molly has been battling spleen and liver cancer for the past 6 months. We decided to keep that to ourselves as everyone always has so much going on in their own lives.

Today our Sweet girl lost her battle & has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken. She was truly a family member. Just last week she went me to take our nephew, Evan out for breakfast @ her favorite place, Jack & Jill's in Beverly Hills.

She loved concerts in the park, walking in the marina, going boating, and really loved all of her SeaBridge friends. She was the "calm" girl in the neighborhood. And could tame even the wildest dogs... As you all know, she was an extremely gifted Golden Retriever that we adopted from our organization that our dear Friend Liz, founded - Retriever & Friends of Southern CA.

Molly was our 2nd older from RFSC. And she, like Deli before her, went with me on all the home interviews conducted to qualify potential families to adopt one of our animals from RFSC. It seems like a lifetime that Molly was part of our family, when actually, we have only had for 2.5 years.

We work with the older goldies. Molly was 9.5 when she became part of family. She came to us with 20 commands and I was able to have her trained as a service animal and teach her an additional 15 commands to assist Mel. She was able to help him with his balance and pick up anything he dropped and hand it to him & many other things.

Who says ya can't teach an old gal new tricks. She traveled everywhere with us, Went to the bank, Trader Joe's, loved her Palm Desert home and riding on the golf cart. As long as Molly was by our sides she was happy. A true Golden. And we were happier to have her with us. You all know how deep the loss is of these precious family members are.

We miss her & know you will too.
With Love,


Almost 12 years ago, my wife and I adopted a 2 year old Golden Retriever named Franklin "Frankie" from your organization.

Frankie is now 14 and a half. Frankie came with papers showing that he was a grandson or great-grandson of "Liberty Ford" President Fords Golden when in the White House.

Today, while I am 200 miles from home, my wife called to tell me that Frankie will finally go to sleep one last time. The Vet who has cared for our animals for the past 9 years says Frankie is old and tired. The past few days he has not been himself and we believe a tumor that was removed earlier this year may have metastasized into his organs.

Frankie is and will always be my best buddy and we were so blessed to have had these years with him from Corona, California to Liberty Hill, Texas where we have lived for the past 9 years.

My wife and I wanted to say THANK YOU for allowing us nearly 12 years of pure joy and happiness with Frankie. Those who gave him up lost out on a nugget of gold. During his visit here, he went through obedience training in Norco and was awarded best behaved, most friendliest and 2nd over all due to “handler Error” (ME).

 He was trained and passed as a certified therapy dog as my wife is a nurse, he often went into hospitals to love on people. He lost his desire to chase cats pretty quick and was very fond of all animals and perhaps to a fault. He was indeed “Daddy’s Boy” yet loved anyone he met. Frankie will be dearly missed by all.

We know he will meet his old friends of the past this evening when he goes to sleep. We wanted to tell BARC how blessed we have been over these past years with Frankie and will always hold a place for him in our hearts. My wife will be with him this evening with one of my dirty worn shirts so at least he can smell me while he lays in his mom’s lap.

Thank you all for what you do. Because of you, Frankie had a great life and we had a better one.

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