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Grace loves her toys and her new family, the Nettles! 

Gus is not spoiled, NOPE!  He joined the Wang family who wrote of Gus' daily activities:

  • 5am: Wake mom up by jumping on her bed and laying on top of her until she wakes up
  • 6am: Wake Dad, Daniel, and Janet up by jumping on their beds and laying on top of them until they wake up
  • 6:50am: Go with Dad for a 45 minute walk
  • 7:15am: Meet my golden retriever friends Maya and Cuevo on my walk
  • 7:50am: Go home and eat breakfast
  • 8am-5pm: Sleep (either in Dad's office at the foot of his chair or on top of Mom and Dad's bed)
  • 8am-5pm: Play with my toys. I have a lot of them. My favorite is a rubber turtle that squeaks really loud when I chew on it.
  • 5:00pm: Mom comes home and I go on a 15 minute walk with her
  • 6:00pm: Play with Janet when she comes home
  • 6:30pm: Eat dinner
  • 7:00pm: Play with Daniel when he comes home
  • 9:00pm: Go on another 15 minute walk around the block with Janet
  • 10:00pm: Chew on my toys until I fall asleep

Gus is living the life every dog deserves!


Honey, AKA "Sassy" prior to joining the Young family, shares her bed with her new "brother" Thor.  She showed her skill as a pumpkin carver this year when she chewed the Jack-o-lantern!

Jake was adopted by the Knapp's in time to join them for their family portrait!  He will be spending the winter at their second home in Hawaii. 

Jem, formerly "Dustin," had fun playing in the mud.  The fun wasn't over until he and his new brother traipsed through the house!  He was adopted by the Brownsell family who is enjoying his antics.

Jordan is shown in front of his new sister Lea.  The pair enjoys sleeping on the bed and looking out the window which overlooks the ocean.  Jordan is the newest member of the Forest family.

Kayla (AKA Lucky) was adopted by the Olson family.

Koda (formerly "Adam") was just a pup when he came to rescue.  He joined the Kovacevic family in February.  As you can see, he loves his "brothers."

Lacy is the latest member of the Thornberry family!

Maggie loves everyone she meets, but she is especially happy with her new dad.  She was adopted by the Rankin family!

Malone, a 1-year-old Irish Setter, joined the Funk family and is their third adoptee!  He is shown with his Golden Retriever "sister" Hannah.  Malone had severe hip dysplasia and underwent TPO surgery after coming to RFSC for foster care.

Ty (AKA "Max") enjoyed the pool while he stayed in foster care at RFSC's Golden Acres.  His foster family knew he'd love a home with a pool, which he got when adopted by the Erlich family! 

Maggie is quite the water-loving retriever!  Her new family, the Wilsons, make sure she has plenty of opportunities to indulge herself!

Maxie is the happy addition to the Pitts family!

Mika joined the Bailey family in August 2004.  Quite a love bug, she also enjoys snuggling on the couch!

Max is the happy addition to the St. Denis family!  He also enjoys going to work with his mom & dad!

Molly & Maverick make their home with the Scott family!  They have a beautiful, big yard and a nice pool to cool off in during the summer.  However, someone forgot to tell this pair that Goldens are supposed to like the water!  They much prefer spending their days inside with their dad.

Montana, now known as "Charlie", was adopted by the Silverman family in February 2004.

Molly joined the Sutton family in time to celebrate Christmas 2003 with them!

Penelope was adopted in November 2003, but we couldn't resist sharing this recent photo with you.  She spends her nights in bed with the Lawrence family.

Rudy is the recent addition to the Darden family!


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