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SASHA... from Sasha's Family:

Our Sasha – pure heart

We adopted Sasha (aka Sausage, Sasma, Sashy, Sasa, Sos and Me Too) at the age of 1 and had the pleasure of her filling our lives with sunshine, happiness and love for 9 wonderful years.

We adopted her after bringing home her sister, Peanut, a year earlier, also from Retrievers and Friends. She grew on us immediately and touched everyone she met. She always had a smile on her face and was an absolutely beautiful golden.

Sasha lived to chase balls and loved the water, but most of all she loved everyone that came into her life. She was always by your side, whether it was to take a nap, get some love, give you her ball or try to coax you into giving her some of your food.

She truly only knew “sunshine, happy and love.” She would greet you at the door and squeal and roll on the floor as if you had been gone for months, when all you did was go to work.

She even would roll on her back and squeal for her vet, who in turn would get right down on the floor and love her back. That was the kind of effect she had on people.

She loved to ride in the car and we had the joy of taking the girls up to Idaho for summer swims in the lake and winter walks in the snow. She loved to snuggle and we actually bought a King bed just to make room for her. She loved to nap on the couch with or without us, but was never far from our sides.

We'll always remember Sasha when we make a martini, she loved the olives! Did we mention she loved tennis balls too? You would throw a ball, she would get it and then track all the places it had bounced along the way. She was amazing at catching balls thrown 30 feet in the air. She would even play catch with you by bouncing an inflatable ball off her nose and sending it back to you in the air. It was a sight to see!

She truly lived for those people around her and fought to be with us right down to the end, never once complaining when her body quickly failed her. We loved her so very much and know she is peaceful in heaven. She will always be on our minds, in our hearts and an important part of our family memories. She was a special member of our family and a special golden. We will miss her more than we can say. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Sasha and experience firsthand such an amazing pure heart


Peanut .. from Peanut's family

Our girl – Peanut

Peanut (formally Peanut Butter but more often known as The Nut, Sweet Pea, Nutter and NutBut) came home with us in January 2000.  She was 9-12 months old when she was rescued from the Ramona shelter by Retrievers and Friends.  She was so thin and demure when we brought her home, but she soon found her appetite and grew confident in her new home.

As our first dog, Peanut was spoiled with lots of attention.  She loved to look for rabbits and tennis balls on her daily walks, enjoyed chomping on pine cones that she found along the way, and even had a Lab boyfriend.  After a year, we brought home her “sister” Sasha for companionship, and the two got along well even though Sasha seemed to speed up Peanut’s graying process!  The Nut was a natural worrier and would have been an excellent mama dog.  Even as a pup, we called her an “old soul” with her beautiful amber eyes and quiet disposition.

In her later years, she had a successful laryngeal tieback surgery to help her breathing.  Then we found cancer in April 2010, and she recovered excellently from a partial-jaw removal, only to have the cancer reappear four months later.  Fortunately we got an extra 2 months with her from that point before she went to heaven.

Peanut will always have a special place in our hearts as our first girl - she was genuinely an important part of our family.  She was sweet, loving, gentle, patient and strong.  We loved her so much and the house is empty without her.  We appreciate the opportunity we had to adopt her and are so grateful that we could spend almost 11 wonderful years with her.  We miss her more than we can say.  We love you, The Nut!




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