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In Memory of Bently

In loving memory of Bentley, forever in our hearts.

Bentley is survived by Bob, his Dad, best buddy and service dog handler, Candy, his Mom and deliverer of all good things from the kitchen, human relatives too numerous to list, staff and visitors of establishments he visited while working and neighbors in Frisco Lake.

He never met a person he didn't like to pet him and left his paw prints on their hearts.

We rescued Bentley when he was six months old, and were so blessed to share our lives with him for the last 13 1/2 years.

Know that we are celebrating his life while mourning his loss.

In Memory of Chelsea

Picking Chelsea up from the rescue in October of 2014 was a great day. Sammie dog and I immediately fell in love with her. Chelsea was ready to go and in no time I knew I was her person. I just could not resist those big brown eyes and ears.

She sat in the front seat all the way home, resting her head on the back of the seat showing off her beauty. Then she watched Sammie dog in the back seat for a while. She seemed quite content gave me doggie kisses. Guess I am accepted.

When we got home, I took off her leash in the back yard and she RAN around sniffing everything. Then she did the same thing again. Happy to be free. She ran some more coming back to me for reassurance. By early afternoon she is in her big fluffy bed napping.

A week later it was obvious she LIVES here. Knows the neighborhood, where she lives, loves walks-gets so excited to go and now has other doggie friends.
She is a wonderful watch dog, alerting me to anyone on the property, even taught Sammie to bark. Gets along great with Rusty cat-but then who wouldn't.

She went to Animal Keeper for socialization assessment and passed with flying colors. Then to Basic Obedience Training to hone her skills. Smart girl-passed this one too.

I have taken her in the car as much as possible- she loves it, as does Sammie. They both sit in the back seat and watch the world go by. Such good girls.

Chelsea has been a wonderful companion, a friend to Sammie dog and now Cupcake dog and her people friends come to see her often. She is the perfect family member.

It has only been 3 1/2 short years and Chelsea is failing. She is telling me it is her time and I must let go. A vet came to assist her cross over the Bridge and she is gone from the house, but not ever from my memories. I will love and miss her always.

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