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In Memory of Trip

From Trip's Family:

Trip and Tatum came home with us a little over 5 years ago, right after we lost our precious girl Tara.

We still had her sister Ginger at the time and she was very distraught that her sister was gone.

Trip was somewhat aloof at first as he didn’t know what to expect coming to a new home. However he took Ginger under his wing right away and always watched out for her. We lost Ginger about 5 months after, but she seemed much happier having some new companions around.

After Trip was with us about 6 months he really started to change, he was happy all of the time and became a much more affectionate dog. He loved to walk around the neighborhood, and he loved to go places to meet new people and other dogs.

We frequently took both Trip and Tatum to the dog friendly restaurants and some of the local wineries on the weekend where they always got lots of attention from people and other 4 legged friends.

For the past few years Trip became very protective toward Kathy as I was gone a lot on business travel during the week and he would sleep with her all night on the bed and keep watch to make sure that she was ok. More recently, Trip would always follow Kathy when she was walking up and down the stairs to make sure that she was ok, as she had some medical issues to contend with and Trip was always there by her side.

He was a very well behaved and gentle sweet boy , and we truly loved him.

We miss him very much!


In Memory of Buster

This is the story of our wonderful boy Buster. yes he is a dog but in our home our dogs are our children.

Buster was a rescue from friends who were unable to care for him. He was approximately 4 years old when we got him. Although he was not a RFSC rescue we received assistance from this wonderful organization.

My husband and I are quite active so Buster became part of our morning exercise program which is walking or a brisk run. From the very first day he blended in as if he had always lived with us.

On this particular day my husband did not accompany me on the walk so Buster and I went together. As we were running on our familiar path Buster stopped suddenly and I tripped over him hurting my hand.

Fortunately I was able to get into see my doctor, which is a rarity. My injury was minor but during my visit my doctor informed me I needed a mammogram. I said fine,went to the appointment desk and was scheduled for my exam 3 days later. The results of my mammogram were that I had breast cancer.

Fortunately, it was caught in time and I am 8 years cancer free. In my heart I know that Buster saved my life.

Buster was in our life for the next 12 years. Buster passed on January 26th after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

I would also like to thank at this time Calimesa Veterinary Clinic for their care and helping us keep him with us for so many years.

We miss him so very much.




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