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SUNSHINE... from Sunshine's Family (July 2010):


We wanted to let you know that after 9 years with us, Sunshine whom we adopted from BARC as Kevin, called it a day 3 weeks ago. He was about 13-14 according to his vet even tho' we thought he was 1 when adopted. Allison and Brian were his foster parents.

He led a pretty healthy life, compared to our dogs. He survived 4 other goldens we adopted from GRCGLA Rescue over the years. He also survived old dog vestibular disease a couple years ago.

Anyway, we thought you might like to know that BARC gave him another chance and he took full advantage of it.


MANDY... from Mandy's Family:

Mandy was supposed to be a foster dog. I volunteer with Retrievers and Friends and occasionally foster. I had picked her up from the North County Humane Society and she was so happy to get out of the kennel.

I figured she would only be with us for a few weeks. She was a nice, active adult golden retriever. I thought she would find her forever family quickly. Well, every family that applied was just not good enough according to my husband. Clearly, Mandy was not going anywhere.

Mandy was my husband's dog. As soon as he would get home from work, she was there with a smile and a tennis ball.

He was quite happy to sit on our patio and toss the ball for her.

Mandy loved to retrieve. Even when sleeping, the tennis ball was not far away.

Mandy also loved to swim. She could 'catch air' and she would have made a great dock diving dog. It is not the same in our house without Mandy. We miss her very much.



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