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CODY... from Cody's Family (Mar. 2010):

A tribute to Cody We had just had to put our shelter dog down of 6 years due to uncontrollable seizures when my friend Renee, who is a groomer, had heard of a lady with a 15 month old yellow lab she wanted to sell. When we got there, the place was disgusting with a dirt back yard......she was a breeder. Cody was her name and she came and have heartedly greeted us.


She had hot spots and was hanging down from nursing puppies too long. I could tell immediately what a beautiful soul she had. Next thing we see is Maggie, her 12 week puppy that they couldn't sell....well we just had to take both. Maggie had scabs on her from bugging the other mom who had a litter....when she got to close the other mom snapped at her. We brought them home.


They were inseparable....always had to lay touching each other...Cody continued to lick Maggie in the ears affectionately. We had a scare because come to find out, the lady who sold us the girls wasn't the owner. When the owner returned from a trip, she called us and wanted Cody back.


No way I said because we had bonded with them and loved them. The minute I told her Cody had been spayed so immediately, she didn't want her anymore...just like that. We feel we rescued Cody and Maggie from a life of being breeders. We loved these dogs so much, took them on trips.....they were on the couch with us watching TV, etc. Cody started the weirdest thing.


We had to put an extra row of pillows on our bed because she slept behind our heads at night sometimes disrupting our sleep when she would stand up and switch positions. My husband called her Momdog because she would go from room to room checking on everyone - making her rounds.

Maggie died at 10 of kidney failure and then we found our way to RFSC to "Jewel" another dog used as a breeder. She is a beautiful golden retriever with the gentlest soul. Jewel has been a great friend to Cody in her last years. As our beloved Cody was 13 and beginning to struggle, I saw "Hannah" on the RFSC site and we drove out to get her. Hannah, also a golden retriever, is such a happy dog....she makes us laugh and enjoys every minute of her life.


While my heart is heavy with missing Cody, I know I have enough love to spread around for years to come to other dogs who need me.....but really I need them. I have become friends with Liz and Nancy and go to them with all my joys and sorrows of dog ownership. I love helping them out when they call on me. ~ Rest in peace my beautiful white labs, my babies - may you run and play forever over the "Rainbow Bridge" ~



ANDY... from Andy's Family:

We adopted Andy at the age of one year old and had him for 14 years.  He was afraid of so many things!  He was chased by a litter of kittens, all over the backyard when he was young.  It was the funniest thing you ever saw.  He loved to watch TV and when an animal came on, he would run up to the screen and then bark at the animal as if to say, “Go away!” and then run over to us for a pat on the head, so we could tell him “Good boy!” 

He wasn’t a typical Golden, that is what made him so unique.  He did not retrieve.  You could throw something and he would just sit there and look at you as if to say, “Well, go get it.”  You could chase him around the living room to the kitchen and he would just stop and wait for you to come around again.  It was so funny. 

The little dogs from across the street would yap at him and he would run after them once and then they would turn around and chase him and he would run straight back to the house.  He was a loving dog though, he would come over and put his head on your lap to get petted.  He would always be there to assist if you were in need. 

And of course, he would lick and dig.  But how could you not love a dog that was so loyal.  Even if he did something like dig a hole, well that was just who he was.  We would go and fill it back in.  We loved him no matter how many holes he dug.  He was the biggest lap dog there was because he came up on the bed with us and took up all the space.  He just always wanted to be with us.  Even when we went to the store he would get excited, knowing he was going for a ride.  He loved to go for rides and walks…he would do a “puppy dance” when he knew he was going out. 

We promised Andy we would be there when it was time and we were.  We held him like we promised and we know he is peaceful and not hurting anymore.  We will miss him more than we can say.  We loved him because he was a member of our family.  He will always be in our hearts and memories.  Thank you for giving us a chance to take him into our lives.


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