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The following memorials are from 2009.

CARLY... from Carly's Family (Nov. 2009):

In 2004 we adopted Carly who was estimated to be about four years old when we got her. Carly was probably the happiest dog I ever met. She always greeted everyone she met with her big beautiful smile and bright eyes. Her tail never stopped wagging and was sometimes a dangerous weapon as she walked through the house knocking down anything in her path. Carly was diagnosed with liver cancer in October of this year. We did everything we possibly could for her. Even in her darkest moment, she still smiled at me and still wagged her tail. It was as if she was telling me that it was okay and she was ready. Carly passed on November 28 at home with me and our German Shepherd, Zack, at her side. I just wanted you to know that we appreciate having had the opportunity to know and love such an incredible dog.


We also wanted to thank you for all that you and your organization do for all the abandoned and abused dogs that might otherwise never have the chance to experience a loving and giving family. We will miss Carly and her smile and we will never forget the love and kindness she brought to our lives. We also know that after we have managed to get through the pain, we will definitely adopt again. We are happy to help out and give our love to a dog that deserves a second chance in life.

JACK... from Jack's Family:

David and I wanted you to know that we lost Jack in mid-November.  He was such a good, sweet boy.  About 1 year ago a small tumor was found, and it was cancerous.  They did remove the tumor and had hoped that they got it all, but in about mid-September we noticed Jack slowing down a bit and not eating as much (he always loved to eat!), and during his exam they discovered the cancer in his lungs.

He was wonderful and active all the way to the end, he loved to be with people, swim, go for rides, and hang out with me while I gardened (he would follow me around and plop down right next to me). We are pretty sure that Jack had never been in a swimming pool before we got him, because he wasn’t sure how to get in. We showed him the steps and would stand on the steps, but he would lay down at the side of the pool and slowly inch in, scratching his belly all the way down!

Luckily he only did this a few times before we convinced him to follow us on the steps. He absolutely fell in love with the pool, and would go on the steps with his ball (which was actually a tennis bone) waiting for us to throw it for him. After he swam in the pool, he would lay on the lounge chair and sleep for a couple of hours. He also loved his Nyla Bone.

In the evening after dinner, he would go in the living room and do a single ‘ruf’, then wait a few minutes and do another ‘ruf’. So David and I would go in the living room and sit with him, then Jack would happily start chewing on his Nyla bone. We dubbed this ‘family time’, so when Jack would ‘ruf’, we would say Jack is ready for family time.

I could share so many stories, we really enjoyed Jack for the 2 years that we had him (he was 12 when he passed away). I’ve attached some pictures of Jack. The one with both of them was Willow (Quinn and Willow were the first Goldens that we adopted from Retrievers and Friends, then when we lost Quinn in March of 2007 was when we got Jack).

Thank you again for your caring and work you do to rescue animals; we have been blessed with 3 wonderful Goldens because of your organization. We look forward to a time when we are ready to have another Golden or two join our family.

SNOOPY... from Snoopy's Family:    Snoopy – Gentle Giant 1996 – 2009

Imagine a striking golden who immediately made an impression not only because of his size and beautiful coat, which remained puppy soft, but because of his sweet countenance and angelic presence. Imagine a dog so guileless and gentle that mothers could sit down next to him with their babies and children could gather around him without fear. Imagine a dog that was infinitely patient and quiet as a whisper. This heavenly dog, Snoopy, came into my life unexpectedly one day in 2005 at the age of about 8 years. A close friend notified me that a large dog that could be mistaken for a lamb or a bear cub was sitting outside her gate. After a chip traced him to Retrievers and Friends and the owner did not come forward, Liz delivered him to me. It was awhile before Snoopy adjusted to city life but once comfortable, it turned out to be just the right match. We were both mellow in temperament and even had the same color hair, although his was natural. I told him he came to the right family because we all have large feet and his paws were huge.

I  have learned something from every dog I have had and Snoopy was no exception. He was quite reserved and didn’t lick or nuzzle like other dogs. He didn’t wake me in the morning, I awakened him. While showing him off one day in the dog-friendly town of Sierra Madre, I explained how Snoopy was different from many dogs. This child said innocently, “But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.” From that day forward, I learned to accept and understand Snoopy’s nature and appreciate him more each day.

I experienced the joy of taking care of Snoopy especially as his health declined. I never thought of anything I did for him as a sacrifice and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. We took walks rain or shine. He got something special mixed in with almost every meal. When he could no longer navigate the back porch steps, I walked him around to the backyard from the front porch often in the middle of the night. When he began to experience paralysis in his hind paws, I watched his every step to be sure his paws were straightened out. I tended to his eyes and administered several medications daily. As I cared for him I realized that he was giving me a gift. I was reminded how giving is its own reward and of the value of caring for others while expecting nothing in return.

In a sense, I look at Snoopy as being heaven sent and not of this world. He will always be ‘my beautiful boy’ and my ‘angel without wings’. If you look closely, you may see his halo.

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