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From Maggie's family:

We got Maggie in October of 2010. She was almost 10 at the time but was full of life and spunk!

We wanted a senior dog for a few reasons. They are more difficult for dog agencies to re-home and secondly we felt a senior dog would have lots to offer.

She loved long walks, meeting people and kids, car rides, and food (especially charlie-bears from Petco/Trader Joe's).

She was especially fond of laying in the grass and chasing tennis balls in the back yard. She loved walking around the block in our area. This was a 0.6 mile walk which we would do 3 times a day when she was "young".

I calculated we walked at least 1700 miles when she was "younger". Maggie had a legion of friends in the neighborhood and had them trained well. Frequent stops or visits would include stops at Joel/Liz, Paula/Donald, Donna, and Teresa's for treats and petting.

 Maggie would pull me towards their homes in hopes of a little attention. Many other folks knew Maggie as well and would come out to pet her on a regular basis. Chad's kids would take her on supervised short walks.

Paul, the gardener in our adjacent park area, always had a milk-bone for her. Trash trucks used to pick up on fridays, the same day as Paul's visit and Maggie would associate the sound of the trash trucks as the day Paul was attending to the park and insisted on going to the park.

We like to think we gave Maggie the best years of her life. We know she gave us 4 plus great years in our lives. The day we picked her up at Retrievers and Friends we were walking around their grounds and Maggie jumped into the open side door of our van and seemed to say "let's go".

Would we adopt another senior dog.....absolutely!!!!!!

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