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From Sophie's Family:

Our beloved Sophie who we adopted from you on April 8, 2005 passed over Rainbow Bridge yesterday. We had to make that very difficult decision to help her pass over.

She is now pain free & is at peace. She was 4 when we adopted her & from the very first day she came into our lives she has been an absolute joy...nothing but love, funny antics & everyone who came in contact with her loved her. :))

Sophie lived for 13 yrs & we are so very lucky to have had her as our fur-baby for her last 9. We miss her terribly but we know that will see her again along with all of our babies that have gone before her. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives. Our lives have been enriched by having had her in it.

From Samantha's Family:

 It is with broken hearts that we write to tell you of the passing of our beautiful golden girl, Samantha.

She was 13 years old. We adopted her from Retrievers & Friends when she was 9, after her owner passed away.

Samantha was big and beautiful when we first met her, and had a gorgeous deep red colored coat. We took her home to learn she was friendly and funny, always daring us to play tug of war with her rope bone.

She always won the game, and seemed very proud of this. She had no experience with cats, yet got along splendidly with our 2 cats and other dog. She became good friends with one cat especially, and would wag her tail whenever she saw this cat walking toward her.

In May, 2014 Sammy was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were told we caught it early, so decided to treat her with chemotherapy. She was doing very well with treatment. She was never sick or lethargic. Our vet’s office loved her and many remarked how you would never know she had cancer.

She still loved to eat, go for walks, and of course, play with her rope bones.  One August morning a few weeks ago, we found Samantha lying outside our kitchen door. She appeared only to be asleep, but she was gone. We were shocked and devastated, as she seemed fine the night before. Our vet seems to think it was not the cancer that killed her, but a sudden event like a heart attack or blood clot. We were glad that at least she didn’t suffer, but terribly saddened because we were not ready to say goodbye to her.

It is difficult for us now to walk through our front door without Sammy there to greet us with her rope bone.  Attached is the last photo taken of Samantha.

 We hope that those who visit your website will not overlook the older dogs. Older dogs are wise and gentle souls. They have so much love and happiness they can bring into the lives of others, and are always so grateful to be given a good home.

We are still deeply saddened to have lost Samantha, but know we are so lucky to have her in our lives. We would not trade that experience for anything.

Thank you, Liz – and everyone at Retrievers and Friends, for helping our Samantha, and for helping all of the other animals out there in need of a good home.

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