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It was with much sorrow that Rosy recently lost her battle with bladder cancer

She was such a sweet girl, with the Golden Retriever brave heart of gold. We will not forget her.



We are so sorry to say that our lovely Penny died on Friday. We came back from dinner and all 3 dogs came running out to greet us. Penny ran to get into the car but collapsed and died instantly. I suppose she must have had a massive heart attack. She has been declining of course as she was either 13 or 14 years old, but showed no signs of being in pain or distress. In fact we had a lovely day on Friday when I took them to Live Oak state park which is very near our house. She had a great time rolling in the grass and getting all the wonderful new smells.

She was an absolutely wonderful dog, quite accepting of the myriad of animals we kept bringing into her house. She loved riding in the car, and in the hot weather we would all go for a drive in the car, as it was too hot for them be walking around. She loved to hang her head out of the window and I could see her lips blowing in the wind. She also never met a person she didn't like and was convinced that everyone in the world wanted to meet her. She met, and was always greeted by hundreds of strangers, who became her friends, and all of whom were delighted to meet such a lovely and friendly girl.

It seems a lot longer than 6 years however that was all the time we had with her, but we thank you sincerely for a lovely, lovely companion. What a terrific member of our family she was. We will miss her terribly.


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