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Trevor - the Wonder Terrier

We are sad to announce the passing of our fine dog Trevor, at almost 14 years of age. Trevor came to us from Retrievers and Friends (then BARC) in the fall of 1999 at the age of 6 months, a terrier mix of unknown origin—and grew to a 67 pound stocky dog with a face like Benji an underbite like a shovel, eyes like a lion, and a heart of gold. Gentle to all he encountered, he was especially wonderful with small children, and would get down low, on his belly, to let toddlers pet him. He was also a superb airplane chaser, and would run outside when one of the big jets flew overhead to scare it away. This behavior was enforced by the fact that he had 100% success in keeping the airplanes away from his territory—thank goodness!

Trevor led us on our daily walks, and by doing this introduced us to many people and other dogs in the neighborhood, who we otherwise would not have met. We owe some of our finest friendships to his introductions. He also reminded us of the beauty in small things—how a simple walk down the block could be an endless source of fascination and pleasure.

Trevor loved his family, and loved being in the middle of everything, including board games, and puzzles, which he liked to lie on while others were playing. We will miss him terribly, and always remember him fondly as our very fine dog, dear friend, and member of our “pack.”




Penny was dearly loved and she loved everyone, especially people with treats. She was a very verbal dog who always let us know when she wanted something.

She turned four when we got her and she was already well trained, especially well trained on how to get on couches and beds. We called her the princess.

Penny ran the house. She liked to roughhouse but she had a gentle, happy demeanor. She bonded with her rescue partner, Buddy, and they became inseparable.

Penny left her print on the hearts of her entire family. Penny was 12 when she died from complications of a paralyzed larynx. We were there holding, petting, and talking to her as she took her last breath. We miss her tremendously.



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