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P.J.       A Tail of Love from PJ's family

Ten and a half years ago an 11 month old, 85 lb, black Lab/Golden dog stole my heart. He was on a rescue website, Retrievers and Friends, and I knew the first time I saw him he was my heart dog. He'd always been in a kennel and didn’t know about the big world around him or how big he was.

He loved to run and play with the other dogs at our house. I found out soon he didn’t have a clue of how to stop or turn his body when running. I soon learned to get out of his way. He was always so happy to see me and once ran around the corner of the building, jumped up and knocked out my tooth. Many might have given up on him, but I knew he was a diamond in the rough

As he grew older, the founder members of our therapy group named the group after him, PJ's Pals, because he was a wonderful therapy dog and loved to listen to the children read to him.



In his past 9 years as a therapy dog, PJ has had many children read to him at schools and libraries.  He visited 2 hospitals, one was a 20 bed pediatrics and 20 bed pediatric oncology, a children's bereavement center, Camp Erin and senior residential centers. 


P.J. has taught me many lessons over these past years.  Here are just a few:

A Tail of Love
Six lessons of Life I learned from my dog, PJ

Always have faith and accept help
Although PJ was only given 6 months to live, with the loving care of his vets and heart medication, he lived over 16 months.  He was still visiting once every 3 months instead of his 9 visits a month.

Turn the other cheek
If another dog wanted to pick a fight or snarl at him, PJ just turned and went about his way.

Respect the little ones
PJ always put his big body down to the level of those he visited, whether it was a child or small dog.  I didn't teach him this, he just showed respect to all he met.

Big is beautiful
PJ weighted up to 127 lbs and people always commented how beautiful he was and always admired his extra large feet. Although he was so big, he was as gentle as a kitten.

If you're in pain, don't be a pain

Over 1 year ago, PJ developed congestive heart failure.  He was in pain and almost diet.  He still charmed all he met in the vet hospital.  With oxygen stapled to his head, he still wagged his tail.

Be there when someone needs you

Not only was PJ there for all he visited, but also for me. When I tore my meniscus, PJ walked me one step at a time from the agility yard into the house.

My heart dog is running free with Fargo at Rainbow Bridge after touching so many lives and helping so many children and patients.  He was truly a diamond in the rough and is now a sparkling diamond after his many years of service.

Thank you and Rest in Peace PJ, we all love you!  PJ  2001-2012

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