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We adopted Rosco(e) after seeing his photo on your site

His eyes just spoke to me and seemed to be asking for me to give him a good home. Although my husband always said we should not have two dogs and said no to every dog I showed him, he said yes right away when I showed him the page on Roscoe.

 He looked so sad and his tail had been cut off. I told my husband that if we didn't adopt him and provide him with the care he needed, a veterinarian, no one would.  

I instantly fell in love with his eyes, he was so sweet and calm. We took him home and built him a new bed with 4" thick memory foam mattress so it would be better on his hips.

He didn't do much the first few days and seemed very sad. I spent as much time as possible with him, petting him and feeding him. He never made a noise. His personality gradually came back and he would wag his little tail, chew on sprinkler heads, chase after lizards and lay in the sun.

He loved to lie outside in the front yard and watch the kids playing, he would be in heaven if another dog came by and played with him. He would bark or howl at me if he wanted something or if I was not paying enough attention to him. Unfortunately, his legs were never that great and slowly he had more and more difficulty walking and more recently, couldn't get up any longer.   We decided it was time when he didn't smile or wag his little tail anymore.

Thank you Roscoe for coming into our lives and making it so much more fulfilling.  You were a very special dog and in the 2 short years that we had you, you have put an permanent mark in our hearts and we will love you until the day we die.   I have included a photo of him last year when he was out in the front yard watching the kids and smiling.


Romeo (formerly Napoleon)


    He was the most tender hearted and sweetest living being I have ever known.

He was the quintessential golden retriever, so smart, sensitive, happy, sunny personality, gentle, and he understood everything.

He lived 11 1/2 years and we had almost 11 happy years together.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of being the guardian of such a beautiful loving soul.  


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