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Memorials - Page 73

In memory of Zoe

We rescued Zoe May in October of 2006. She came to us as an anxious chewer, and she evolved into a wonderful family companion who participated in many activities, greeted our guests as if they were her own, and made us laugh with joy daily. She truly was an incredible Golden.

In memory of Miss Frankie Bosco

January 14, 2008 - June 19, 2019 We were the lucky ones chosen to give her a forever home. She was a scared, sad girl when we got her but after going to some specialized training for dogs in her situation, she was a former puppy mill mom kept in a cage, she became the best dog ever and the princess she was meant to be. We were so lucky to have her in our lives and treasured every moment with her.

In memory of Li On, formerly Leon

During the much too brief two years, Li On brought joy and laughter to us with his antics...jumping for his treats and meals, barking when the caregiver was too slow in putting on his harness for a walk, and telling us what he wanted in no uncertain terms Best was when he cuddled. I miss him next to me at night. He was a trooper and beat all odds until they got too much. Thank you for bringing him into my life.

In memory of Gracie, formerly Jazzy

In memory of Ginger

Seven years ago we adopted a beautiful dog named Ginger. She was a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix. We loved her very much and are thankful for the seven years she was part of our family. She will always be missed by her human family and fur buddies, Jack the dog and Alex the cat.

In memory of Angel



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