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Memorials - Page 72

In memory of Sandy

On May 23, 2009 we went to Retrievers and Friends to pick out our next Golden. Our dog Cassie was sick and we wanted a companion for her. My husband took Sandy, the almost 4 year old female out to the yard, . When I came back to my husband he was lying in the grass with Sandy next to him and he said Sandy needs us. She was initially very shy and hid in the bushes. But over time Sandy came out of her shell and became the sweet girl that everyone loved. She always greeted everyone with a smile on her face and a wagging tail. She loved her treats, especially carrots. On Friday, May 24th, 10 years and one day after Sandy came into our lives, I went to pick her up from her Auntie Allisons house and I knew it was time to make the hardest decision I have had to make. Sandy did not look happy and Allison said Thursday and Friday had been very bad days for Sandy. When I took her to the vet he said the tumors had doubled in less than a week. It appeared she had an aggressive form of Lymphoma. It was time to let her go to the rainbow bridge with all of our other beloved animals. Allison went with me (my husband Ken could not) and in true Sandy form she went very peacefully. We will miss her. She was our sweet beautiful girl and she made us very happy. Sandy, thank you for being part of lives for these ten years.

In memory of Sandy

We lost this sweet and brave boy to bone cancer. He will be missed. What a love he was.

In memory of Marnie

Marnie was the sweetest, most gentle lady and her pal Bun Bun and her person loved her so much.

In memory of Maggie

In memory of Ginger

In memory of Alexis (Ali)



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