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Our beloved Golden Girl, Mika, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge last night just a month and a half shy of her 14th birthday.

She had been experiencing seizures for the past six months, and even though she was taking Phenobarbital, the seizures continued. On Wednesday Mika had two seizures in one day, and never fully recovered.

She was completely disoriented and had great difficulty walking, and Truman and I knew we had to make the painful decision to send her to Heaven. Mika passed away peacefully last night cradled in my arms and is now whole and well with her sisters at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mika was the epitome of a Golden Girl; so sweet and affectionate. We are so grateful for the 7 years we had with her, and her sister Josie, Truman, and I will miss her more than we can say.

Thank you for letting us adopt our Beautiful Flower Mika.

She gave us great joy and love and she will live in our hearts forever


Jewel (her given name, fit her) came to me from Retrievers and Friends at the age of 6.

She had been used for breeding and lived in a kennel her whole life. You would have never known it. She fit in with my other two, one who was dying of kidney disease and left us only after we had Jewel for one week.

You know how people say their pet was the best animal they ever had? Well the few years I had with her made me feel this way. She was a beautiful golden retriever.

Jewel's personality and those eyes were so unique and one of a kind.. She would come up to me when on the computer or chair and put her paw on my hand and look at me with those eyes.

 She had a beautiful soul and I still miss her so. Even though she lived within our family and another dog in our home.....she was my beloved dog it felt like only.

The picture I attached is not her, but looks a lot like her. It is my vision of Jewel in heaven. I so hope to see her one day again.


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