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The following memorials are from 2009.

BEN... from Ben's Family:

In July, 2002 I had the great good fortune to adopt my beloved golden from you wonderful people of Retrievers and Friends. At that time he was seven and his name was Hobbs, but he became Ben when he moved in with me. We had a mutual admiration society! He spent years walking up the mountain behind my home daily with lots of our two and four footed friends joining in. Although he had a weight problem initially, he was trim and healthy and active until the end. But most of all he was a treasured part of my life. I miss him terribly, but know my life was blessed because he was in it for so long.

EMMET... from Emmet's Family:

He was truly the apple of my eye and the center of my world. Knowing that he is no longer in pain is reassuring.

I want to thank you for that wonderful dog. He was in fact, THEE MOST PERFECT DOG that ever was.

He is now at dogspeed forever carrying his favorite knot. He even slept with it in his mouth!

CHEYENNE... from Cheyenne's Family:

Our sweet, loving, compulsive ball chasing Cheyenne was laid to rest today. She filled our lives with such love and humor that I can't imagine what life is going to be like without her. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

We knew she was older when we chose to have her join our family and we are so very thankful for the years she shared with us, though they were short. The last few months she has has a variety of health issues, but she maintained her sunny disposition and her obsession with THE BALL. Yesterday she tried to chase it, but gave up after a couple of attempts and contented herself with resting her chin upon it. This morning Old Irongut couldn't even muster up any interest in her food -- she was letting us know that it was time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great gift you introduced into our hearts -- she will remain there forever

BRANDY... from Brandy's Family:

I wanted to let you know that we put Brandy to sleep on Wednesday. She just turned 13. She has been dealing with the progression of kidney disease and severe arthritis in her back. She came down with pancreatitis in January and has had a rough time since then. This past weekend she came down with a kidney infection. She could no longer walk and was in quite a bit of pain. The vet also believed that she had symptoms of the pancreatitis returning. It was very difficult to do, she was loved very very much. Here is a picture of her with some of her toys. She was rescued by us through BARC in June 1999. Mellie misses her too.

DELI D... from Deli D's Family:

She sure was a beautiful girl with the most amazing spirit. Compare this photo to the first day we brought her home and she looks 100% better here. Go figure. I truly believe the Good Lord has a plan for all of us.

I am in so much pain right now.. I keep telling myself she is in a far better place.

Deli brought so much to all our lives.
(see her buddy Baby D on the chair)

WALLY... from Wally's Family:

We got him from you 9 years ago. he was abused, as you may recall. This picture was taken just before we left for the Vet. He had a terrible skin disease coupled with old age (13). Vet did all she cold but to no avail-- Dr. Keri Elliott at Valley Vet.

I love how you have dedicated your life to saving animals.

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